Knitting Patterns

Similar to the Danish “Halsfisk”, a small scarf, usually knit in garter stitch, for babies or small children, this grown-up version of the twin-tailed scarf features a reversibile, vaguely fish-scaled looking stitch pattern, created by Lynne Barr.
Price: £3.00
Tintern Abbey
Designed to let closet lace knitters get their lacy geek thing on, Tintern Abbey socks feature a plain ribbed instep and leg. The delicate Gothic lace pattern is fun to knit, and can be allowed to peek out from the top of a boot, but may also be hidden away, if need be, under a trouser cuff.
Price: £4.00
Geometric panels create a softly pleated fabric with lacy holes that spiral around the neck and shoulders, while gradual decreases hidden within the stitch pattern narrow the tube from bottom to top. A picot bind off at the top is repeated on the bottom, as provisional stitches are picked up and cast off to complete the cowl. Silk yarn creates a versatile garment perfect for wearing from spring into summer and from summer into autumn.
Price: £4.00
Amroth Beach
Frivolous and flirty little top-down summer socks let the sun shine on painted toes. Designed to keep feet warm while your toenail polish dries, they also protect delicate skin on the top of your foot from the cruel summer sun, or show off your pedicure when it’s too chilly to wear sandals alone. A simple stockinette thong helps keep the socks in place and makes wearing thonged sandals just that little bit more comfortable.
Price: £3.00
Welsh for Rainbow
I've been mesmerized by the beauty of Wales for nearly a decade. It has settled quietly into my knitting, as well as my heart. Now my favorite Welsh places and experiences, are yours to knit in a new collection of patterns and stories, inspired by Wales.Download the current version now, and as new patterns are added to the book, you'll receive an email with a secure link to the latest copy.
Price: £11.00
Driving Miss Daisy
Fingerless driving gloves for women will keep fingers toasty when your chauffeur is otherwise engaged. Pattern features a simple Daisy Lace stitch at the back of the hand, thumb gusset, and a garter stitch wristband with a single button closure for a perfect fit. Includes written instructions and chart.
Price: £3.00
Brother Amos
Knit with the saints, or fry with the sinners, your feet will look great either way. Brother Amos' socks feature toe up construction, combination heel, calve shaping and a stretchy ribbed bind off. A lace stitch pattern reminiscent of the flickering flames of hell includes both written instruction as well as chart.
Price: £3.00

Mrs Beeton
A free pattern, originally published in, Mrs Beeton wrist warmers are pretty little luxuries that won’t break the bank. These beaded Victorian-style gauntlets are especially suited to little scraps - 4 to 18 yards - of luxury yarns that are too small for most projects, too dear to just toss away.
Price: £0
Pathways Socks
Comfortable and easy to knit, this free pattern for women's socks features top down construction and small cables alternating with panels of delicate lace. Purl stitches between the stitch patterns create a ribbing-like fabric that hugs the leg and helps keep these socks in place. Includes written directions and chart.
Price: £0