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Welsh for Rainbow
I've been mesmerized by the beauty of Wales for nearly a decade. It has settled quietly into my knitting, as well as my heart. Now my favorite Welsh places and experiences, are yours to knit in a new collection of patterns and stories, inspired by Wales.Download the current version now, and as new patterns are added to the book, you'll receive an email with a secure link to the latest copy.
Price: £11.00
A Knitter's Manifesto Artist's Edition
With the same compelling stories and beautifully crafted ambient audio as our digital edition, A Knitter's Manifesto Artist's Edition features original artwork and a variety of related ephemera, hand created by Brenda Dayne and Felicity Ford specifically for this project. Runtime: 60 minutes
Available Qty: 10
Price: £35.00
A Knitter's Manifesto Digital Edition
Featuring the unique blend of innovative audio production, and personal essays about life and craft, that Cast On listeners have come to love, A Knitter's Manifesto is narrated by Cast On host, Brenda Dayne, and mixed and mastered by sound artist, Felicity Ford. Run time: 60 minutes
Price: £7.49