A Knitter’s Manifesto – Artist’s Edition CD

Sound Diary
Snowflake Potatoes
Snowflakes in Waiting

Life is a mix tape. We have always said this.

Remember mix tapes? Those lovingly hand-crafted cassettes full of music; each track selected with care, compiled by someone who knew you well, or who maybe wanted to know you better? With hand lettered track lists, and covers collaged, stamped or embellished, a handmade mix tape was something pretty special. It said someone cared enough to hand craft a complete listening experience, just for you.

In A Knitter’s Manifesto Artist’s Edition we celebrate the hand made goodness of the mix tape. Signed and numbered to 60, each Artist’s Edition is created by hand from found, recycled and one of a kind materials. The edition includes original artwork by Brenda Dayne and Felicity Ford, is hand printed and assembled, and contains extended liner notes about the sounds of Wales heard on the CD. And because we love making so very much, we’ve created a range of assorted delightful Knitter’s Manifesto ephemera, all based on various essays on the CD. This limited edition piece contains the same compelling stories and beautifully crafted ambient audio as our digital edition, and is a unique memento of the Cast On years; a genuine work of art to give, to keep, to treasure.

Order A Knitter’s Manifesto Artist’s Edition today and you can download the digital version immediately. When the Artist’s Editions are completed, somewhere end of July 2011, your beautifully crafted, signed and numbered work of art will arrive by post.

Runtime: 65 minutes
Available Quantity: 10
Price: £35.00 shipping included
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