Mrs Beeton

Mrs Beeton
Mrs Beeton

First published in, Mrs Beeton wrist warmers are the essence of romance, with soft ruffles that look ever-so charming under a jacket sleeve, and beads that catch the light and sparkle at your wrists.

Victorian England’s answer to Martha Stewart, Mrs Isabella Beeton’s massive Book of Household Management offered its readers no-nonsense, practical advice on all aspects of housekeeping, cooking, child care, dealing with one’s servants, managing one’s poultry, and the ins and outs of properly addressing dinner invitations. Of paramount importance in learning to run one’s Victorian home like a well-oiled machine, and second only to the virtues of Cleanliness and Rising Early, were the twin virtues of Economy and Frugality.

In these beaded Victorian-styled gauntlets, Mrs. Beeton’s twin virtues come fully into play. While they can be knit with just two small balls of yarn purchased specifically for the project (Economy), they are really designed to utilize those tiny bits of leftover yarn that invariably collect in a knitter’s stash (Frugality). They are especially suited to short scraps – 4 to 18 yards – of luxury yarns that are too small for most projects, too dear to just toss away.

In the spirit of Mrs Beeton, they are quick to knit, make great low-cost gifts and, as they cover a pulse point on your wrist, they actually do keep you warm. Pretty. Practical. Frugal. Economical. Oh, how Mrs. Beeton would have smiled at that.

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