A Knitter’s Manifesto Digital Edition

A Knitter's Manifesto Digital Edition

A journey through stitches and the turning of the seasons, Brenda Dayne breaks from her customary podcast format to bring you eight of her personal essays – some familiar, some new – and walk you through a year in the Welsh countryside. Authentic local soundscapes bring Wales to you, with Brenda as your insightful escort. A unique blend of stories about life and craft will captivate knitters and non-knitters alike.

An American expat living in the United Kingdom, Brenda’s creativity took root in the bucolic green hills of Wales, birthplace of Cast On, one of the first and longest-running knitting podcasts. Founded in 2005 on nothing more than the desire to talk about knitting to people who get it, both Cast On and Brenda, as its producer, have evolved to focus on finding inspiration in the ordinary and using it to kick start the process of making. For Brenda, and her legions of loyal listeners, what matters most is carving out creative time and space to work on the projects that really matter to you, whether that’s knitting a sweater, planting a garden, baking a cake or saving the world.

Professionally recorded at Mwnci Studios in West Wales, and featuring sound-recordings made by Felicity Ford, sound artist and feature producer for BBC Oxford, Resonance FM and Radio Reverb, A Knitter’s Manifesto is produced to the highest standard, and brings you over an hour of high quality audio storytelling by Brenda Dayne, remixed and mastered especially for this project.

As a bonus, you can also download A Knitter’s Manifesto Sound Diary absolutely free. Created for the Artist’s Edition, the Sound Diary lists all of the sounds collected for this project, and has space as well for you to list the sounds you hear when you knit. Created from just two sheets of paper, the pdf download includes the Sound Diary template, plus instructions for scoring, cutting and folding. To assemble your Sound Diary, watch the video in the sidebar to the left.

Click here to download your Knitting Sound Diary.

Runtime: 60 minutes
Price: £7.49

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